Avaya & Nortel Telecom Systems

Solve your telecommunications problems with the wide range of services provided by Combined Communications. We specialize the selling, installation, maintenance and upgrades for both Avaya and Nortel phone systems and always supply trained and certified technicians to better serve you at any point.

Whether you’re looking to find experienced technical support, maintenance contract facilitation, or a new phone system based for your business, we offer full-service solutions that are fast, efficient, reliable and capable of accommodating all unique needs. Start your world-class telecommunications experience with us!

Serving Both Commercial & Government Entities

Combined Communications Listens! We make it our priority to ensure the best overall telecommunication practices are instituted and only consider our work complete once total satisfaction has been achieved. It all starts with us meeting with you, performing a needs evaluation review, recognizing the best possible systems and features that fit your business’ desires, budget and your future. We will also address maintenance and disaster recovery / security options as well. Prepared customized recommendations and outline how our system will meet your requirements will follow suit. Find full-service telecommunications solutions with us!

Phone System Rentals

Save on modernizing your current phone system with quality rentals for your small to mid-sized company. In today’s economic environment, the opportunity to pay low monthly rental rates makes sense. This allows business owners like you to free up capital for growth or any other use, while still being able to employ advanced phone solutions.

Advantages of System Rentals

  • Save on Tax Benefits of Renting Rather than Owning a Telephone System
  • Avoid Upgrading/Downsizing System in the Event of Staffing Changes
  • Eliminate Costs Associated with Maintaining a Telephone System
  • About Us

    Combined Communications, Inc. is an authorized Avaya-Nortel dealer that provides sales, service, hardware, and software for the complete line of Avaya and Nortel voice, data, and video products. We offer communications installation and maintenance services with specialized experience in voice over IP (VOIP), system design, knowledge transfer, and technology equipment installation.

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