Stay Connected With Our Full Range of Telecom Services

We pride ourselves on allowing our customers to stay connected with their business associates with our telecommunications service providers in Des Plaines, IL. We also provide services in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Kentucky. To better serve you, 24-hour support is included with all maintenance. No matter how big or small the job is, whether you need installation services, upgrades or maintenance, our friendly telecommunications specialists are happy to improve upon your system while offering world class customer service.

System Service

  • Connecting to Voice Mail
  • Lost Incoming Calls
  • Bad Phone/Extension
  • Static on Line

System Maintenance

  • Remote Monitoring
  • 24/7 Support
  • Priority Response Times
  • Technical Support


  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Equipment Installation
  • Cable Installation
  • Phone Installation

System Upgrades

  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Model Upgrades
  • Feature Upgrades
  • System Upgrades

System Rentals

  • Tax Benefits
  • Avoid Upgrading
  • Avoid Downsizing
  • Eliminate Costs


  • Technical
  • Telecommunications
  • Maintenance
  • Voice/Data Systems

About Us

Combined Communications, Inc. is an authorized Avaya-Nortel dealer that provides sales, service, hardware, and software for the complete line of Avaya and Nortel voice, data, and video products. We offer communications installation and maintenance services with specialized experience in voice over IP (VOIP), system design, knowledge transfer, and technology equipment installation.

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